Beyond the Stars: Exploring Exoplanets and the Search for Alien Worlds

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Through Celestial Gates: Exploring Exoplanets and the Search for Extraterrestrial Worlds
Image Source- Google| Image By-NASA     
Exoplanet: A life beyond our imagination:                                                                          

Have you ever thought about what is beyond our Solar system?
Have you ever imagined that there could be life somewhere? Well, if one can think that far, one should know about exoplanets. Exoplanets are those planets that are beyond our solar system or outside our solar system; that’s why they’re sometimes referred to as extrasolar planets, We should always remember that we are not alone in this universe. There are countless galaxies and exoplanets. The number of known exoplanets is rising, and in the upcoming future, we might find an exoplanet where life is possible. The First when exoplanet was came to be know was in 1990s.After that, NASA’s Kepler space telescope discovered thousands of them. Exoplanets can be made of any mixture of elements. 

 Like an exoplanet, it can be gaseous, made of only rocks, or a mixture of any composition of elements. Like a planet with only lava on its surface or a planet in any state of matter. Anything could be possible, and nothing can be claimed as true now.
You might have heard the names of sci-fi movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, or many more.
Star Wars outer galaxies and exoplanet fantasies look real sometimes. They have shown many exoplanets till now in their movies. That’s why telescopic technologies have become important for us. Telescopes like Hubble, James Webb, and Kepler have had a lot of work on their own to discover the outer galaxies for exoplanets. We need more of them to discover what is beyond our imagination. Some of the latest discoveries of exoplanets have been glorified. Kepler 452b possesses earth-like properties. 
Image Source- Google| Image By-NASA

Recently, Indian scientists discovered an exoplanet named TOI 4603b:

This discovery has been done by the help of PRL ADVANCED RADIAL VELOCITY ABU SKY SEARCH SPECTROGRAPH It is one of the largest and densest exoplanets discovered in recent times. It is 731 light years away from our planet. So with these continuous and regular discoveries about outer space, we always came up with the hope that we were not alone. We are just too tiny to find other celestial living beings. And they are also too far away from us. But as soon as we develop technologies to travel to other planets, we might also find other planets. And we can’t deny the fact that life isn’t possible on any of those exoplanets. It’s just that we have to discover more. The space is beyond our imagination, but if you can imagine beyond your expectations, you may find the answers..



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