China’s Rising Tide: Unveiling the Influence of the Dragon in the Maldives

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China is one of the new economic and military powers emerging in the post-cold war world and the New Global order, China has made international investments totaling more than $2 trillion, China, meanwhile, has investments in approximately more than 50 different nations – Africa has received the largest investment from China’s own Belt and Road Initiative.

Geopolitically speaking, China is frequently referred to as “The Dragon.”
Therefore, the dragon rules the entire planet and creates the world order as they see fit. ‘China is becoming far more influential in Asia’.


The Maldives is a highly strategic nation that situated southwest of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean.1196 islands make up its island nation. For both China and India, the Maldives’ strategic location in the Indian Ocean has become too essential. Since both China and India want the Maldives to be on their side, the Maldives has long been the scene of a cold war between the two countries.

China and the Maldives Trade ties between:-

In 1972, the communist country and the republican country first established relations, When Maldives firmly backed China’s proposal to join SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) as an observer in 2007, the strength of relations became apparent, Officials and diplomats from both countries have already visited both countries on several occasions, The Maldives’ then-president Abdulla Yameen signed an FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with China in December 2017, which undoubtedly advanced their relationship. 

Chinese investment in the Maldives:-

China funded the largest project for civilian housing in Hulhumale as part of his Belt and Road Initiative in the Maldives. As the Maldives signed an FTA with China, the tariff rates were lowered, their markets were opened to tourism, and it was anticipated that the FTA would aid the Maldives in developing their fishing industry. Despite this, it can be observed that the Maldives may already be caught in China’s debt trap. According to latest data, 70% of Maldives’ debt comes from China, which is certainly a bad omen given the current state of the world. The intriguing question will be what the Maldives’ future will hold. So Maldives will be the next victim of China’s initiative for maritime silk, or will India assist the Maldives in finding a solution? – This year’s Maldives election will take place in September, It would be intriguing to see how the new order in the Indian Ocean is shaped, and whether it will be ruled by an elephant (India) or a dragon (China).

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