Class 3 Student Tries To Become ‘Krrish’, Jumps from School’s First Floor, Injured – Watch Viral Video

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Kanpur: A young third-grade student at Virendra Swaroop Education Center in Kidwai Nagar made a daring attempt to imitate the popular superhero Spider-Man, which led to a shocking incident. The eight-year-old boy, inspired by the superhero movie ‘Krrish,’ decided to emulate Spider-Man’s impressive abilities.

The incident unfolded when the students at Dr. Virendra Swaroop School engaged in enthusiastic discussions about Spider-Man’s incredible feats of climbing and jumping between buildings. Fascinated by the superhero’s agility, the young boy declared, “I am Spider-Man” and attempted a daring leap from the school’s first floor, which is approximately 16 feet above the ground.

Unfortunately, the consequences of his attempt were grave, as he suffered injuries upon landing. The school’s CCTV camera recorded the incident, capturing the young student’s courageous but ill-fated endeavor.

The boy, identified as Virat, is the eight-year-old son of Anand Bajpai, a medical store operator residing in Babupurwa NLC Colony. According to Virat’s father, he had gone to school on the fateful day of July 19th. The school management later informed Virat’s mother, Deepti, about the incident and promptly took him to a nearby private hospital for immediate medical attention.

Anand revealed that the school management stated Virat had sought permission to refill his water bottle shortly before the incident. While fetching water, he met with three friends, and a discussion ensued about attempting to replicate Spider-Man’s feats. As a result, a wager was made, prompting Virat to climb onto a four-feet railing and leap from the first floor in an attempt to mimic the iconic superhero.

Following the incident, school authorities promptly rushed Virat to the hospital and, simultaneously, inspected the CCTV footage to understand the sequence of events leading up to the incident. The footage clearly showed Virat approaching the railing alone before making the daring jump.

The incident has left the parents, school authorities, and the entire community deeply concerned about the influence of superhero characters on young minds. As the boy battles critical injuries, it serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible media consumption and parental guidance in shaping the imagination and actions of young children.

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