Daily Upsc Current Affairs July18 2023: Best Current Affairs and Instant Quiz

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Daily Upsc Current Affairs July18 2023
(Image Source: Google| Image By- Jagran Tv) Daily Current Affairs for Upsc July 18 2023

Daily Upsc Current Affairs July18 2023:

1) News: EIB commits 1-billion-euro funding for large-scale green hydrogen projects in India.

Relation to UPSC syllabus: GS 3 (Economics)

Details: The European Investment Bank (EIB) has pledged 1 billion euros to fund green hydrogen projects in India. This funding will support the development of clean and sustainable energy sources, aiding India in achieving its renewable energy targets and combating climate change.

2) News: Regional political parties in India face succession challenges.

Relation to UPSC syllabus: GS 2 (Polity)

Details: Succession issues within regional political parties in India have become a matter of concern. The retirement, resignation, or passing away of charismatic leaders has raised questions about the future leadership of these parties, impacting their stability and electoral prospects.

3) News: Union government forms panel to review National Statistical Office (NSO) data.

Relation to UPSC syllabus: GS 2 (Governance)

Details: The Indian government has established a panel to review data produced by the National Statistical Office (NSO). This move aims to ensure accuracy, reliability, and relevance in the statistical data used for policymaking, planning, and decision-making.

4) News: Collegium system for judicial appointments under scrutiny.

Relation to UPSC syllabus: GS 2 (Polity)

Details: The Collegium system, which governs the appointment of judges to High Court and Supreme Court in India, is being debated for its transparency and accountability. Calls for reforms seek to make the process more inclusive and participatory.

5) News: Lightning as a natural disaster gains attention.

Relation to UPSC syllabus: GS 1 (Geography)

Details: Lightning strikes, a common occurrence during thunderstorms, have drawn focus due to their destructive impact. Disaster management strategies, including early warning systems and public awareness campaigns, are crucial in minimizing the loss of life and property caused by lightning.

6) News: India and UAE sign MoU to link UPI with Instant Payment Platform of UAE.

Relation to UPSC syllabus: GS 2 (International Relations)

Details: India and the United Arab Emirates have signed an MoU to connect India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) with the Instant Payment Platform of the UAE. This collaboration aims to facilitate cross-border remittances and transactions, promoting closer economic ties between the two countries.

7) News: Introduction of Mission Vatsalya Scheme for child welfare.

Relation to UPSC syllabus: GS 2 (Social Justice and Welfare)

Details: The Mission Vatsalya Scheme focuses on protecting vulnerable children, addressing issues such as child trafficking, labor, abuse, and overall welfare. Through rescue operations, rehabilitation, counseling, and skill development programs, the scheme aims to ensure the safety, education, and well-being of vulnerable children.

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