“Delhi: Father’s Public Murder While Attempting to Save Son, Suspects Escape”

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Father's Public Murder While Attempting to Save Son
(Image Source: NDTV)

A shocking incident of public murder happened in Okhla, Delhi, where all the people responsible for the crime have managed to escape. The police have filed a case and started investigating this terrible incident.

In a surprising contrast to the tight security measures for the G20 Summit in the capital, a brutal murder took place in South-East Delhi’s Sanjay Colony, Phase-2, where the attackers used bricks and stones as weapons. The incident revolves around the claim that last night, a group of 4 to 5 teenagers were beating up a 14-year-old boy. His father, Mr. Haneef, rushed to protect his son, but the attackers used bricks to hurt him severely. After the terrible act, all the accused ran away.

Due to the violent attack, Mr. Haneef’s two younger sons were also hurt. The police have taken Mr. Haneef’s body and sent it to AIIMS mortuary for a post-mortem examination. Since the incident, the accused have managed to avoid being caught. According to the police, Mr. Haneef, who was 38 years old, lived in Sanjay Colony, Phase 2, Okhla, with his family and worked as a laborer in the market. He is survived by his wife and four children.

The police shared details of the incident, explaining that around 11 AM today, Mr. Haneef’s 14-year-old son had gone to pick up his bike parked on the street. Four to five individuals were already sitting on the bike when the boy arrived. When he asked them to move, they started using bad words and physically hurting him. Mr. Haneef came to protect his son, and the attackers started hitting him with bricks, causing him severe injuries. Upon hearing about the incident, the police rushed to the scene and took Mr. Haneef to the AIIMS Trauma Center, where doctors declared him dead. It is reported that he died due to a serious head injury.

Meanwhile, the inability to catch the accused has made family members and local residents unhappy, and many of them gathered at the police station late into the night. The police have registered a murder case and are actively searching for the suspects who escaped.

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