“Breaking: Historic Gathering of 11 Warships Near Alaska – The World Holds Its Breath!”

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Gathering of 11 Warships Near Alaska
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“As the world witnesses the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the impact of this war has reverberated across the entire planet. The interests of numerous nations are at stake, with Russia on one side and the Western countries on the other, particularly the United States.

We are well aware that the expansion of NATO by the West and the inclusion of additional countries has played a significant role in triggering this war. While there may be other contributing factors, this can be considered a primary cause.

On the other side of the globe, China’s persistent aggression towards Taiwan is apparent. Amid all these factors, the USA is actively supplying arms and weapons, as their defense trade continues to grow. It brings to mind the famous quote, ‘The USA is built on wars.’

In the midst of the escalating tension between the USA, China, and Russia, just two days ago, a total of 11 WARSHIPS from Russia and China gathered near the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, a US state. This move was bound to provoke the USA. Brent Sadler, a senior researcher, referred to it as a historic first, an unprecedented event for the US.

USA’s Response:

In response, the US Navy dispatched four destroyers to the Alaska coast, accompanied by P8 Poseidon aircraft. This display was intended to showcase strength to the Russian and Chinese warships.

China’s Explanation:

Reports indicate that the warships did not enter US territorial waters. In response, the Chinese embassy in the US stated that this action was in line with the annual cooperation plan between the Chinese and Russian militaries. This plan involves joint maritime patrols in the western and North Pacific Ocean. It is not aimed at any third party and has no connection to the current situation.

However, China strongly condemned the US’s accusations, asserting that the US, being a violator of redlines, lacks the qualification to accuse a lawful China-Russia patrol.

China has demonstrated that it can respond in kind, and this is not the first time such incidents have occurred in history. The US itself has entered the territorial waters of many countries. In 2021, the US Navy entered India’s exclusive economic zone, raising concerns, but China’s response was more diplomatic.”

Article Credit: Skywalker

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