Religious Persecution of Hindu Minorities in Pakistan: A Closer Look at Recent Incidents and Challenges

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 Hindu Minorities in Pakistan
(Image Source: Google| Image By- OpIndia) Hindu Minorities in Pakistan

What’s happening with Hindu Minorities in Pakistan?

We all know that Pakistan is not a secular country. Its constitution starts with “In the name of Sovereign Allah.” It is an Islamic country. But it doesn’t mean that a country which has already declared itself as a religious country will not tolerate other religions. There are minorities all over the world which have a clear majority of a single religion. In Pakistan, the data on Hindu minorities is not certain though. Pakistan’s official data says that it has over 40 lakh Hindus, but the National Database Report says that over 22 lakh Hindus currently reside in Pakistan. In the Sindh Region, almost 8.75% of Hindus live. Though the number of Hindus is not negligible, the condition of Hindus is not good in Pakistan. In recent times, there have been a number of reports claiming religious persecution and forced conversions of Hindus in Pakistan. Also, there have been a number of attacks on Hindus’ religious sites and other places of worship.

Latest 150-year-old Hindu Temple Demolished:

The Mari Mata temple in Soldier Bazar was demolished last night. Many local people claimed that the incident occurred late at night, and there was no electricity available at that time. The temple was run by the Madrasi Hindi community of Karachi. The reason for the demolition of the temple has been said that the structure of the temple was too old and dangerous. But many local people claimed that the main reason for the temple demolition is due to the pressures of land grabbers who wanted the land for other purposes. There has been a rise in the incidents in Pakistan where some people claim Hindu religious temples or places of worship with forged papers.

Kashmore Attack:

This is the second incident that occurred in the Sindh Region where a gang of dacoits attacked a Hindu Temple with Rockets. The temple is managed by the locals. Police reported that they are searching for the suspects.

Is it connected with the Seema Haider Incident?

Seema is a Pakistani citizen who left the country and illegally entered India with the help of her husband, Sachin Meena. She claimed to fall in love  with Sachin on the Online gaming website PUBG.

According to a PTI report, the attack came after the threat given to Hindu places of worship and community members in the Kashmore and Ghotki Riverine areas by the dacoits in retaliation for Seema’s love affair.

Earlier, Mumbai Police also received threats from some unknown source about returning Seema Haider or facing an incident like 26/11.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan also reported the hostage situation of 30 Hindu members in Kashmore region kidnapped by the dacoits.

These are some very serious issues happening in Pakistan. Pakistan’s extremist groups need to be tolerant of Hindu minorities. They are attacking Hindu temples and members. Religious persecution is at its worst in Pakistan already. India earlier raised the issue at UNHRC that no religious minority can freely live or practice its religion in Pakistan today. But this is surely not enough. When Quran Burning happened in Europe, Pakistan, and Palestine brought a resolution to stop such incidents. India should also take such steps to stop the incidents happening with religious minorities, especially Hindu minorities, in Pakistan. India should also develop a migrant policy to work on immigration issues which can happen in the near future if Pakistan doesn’t stop religious persecution on Hindu minorities.

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