IIT Bombay’s Center of Excellence: Pioneering Water Desalination and Recycling Technologies

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(Image Source: Google| Image By-getmyuni) IIT Bombay’s Center of Excellence

In a significant development towards addressing India’s water scarcity challenges, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has inaugurated a state-of-the-art center of excellence focused on membrane technologies for desalination, brine management, and water recycling. The center was officially launched by Professor Swatantra Pratap Singh from the department of environmental science and engineering, who will be overseeing its operations.

During the event, distinguished personalities like Professor S Sudarshan, Deputy Director (AIA) of IIT Bombay; Professor Milind Atrey, Dean (R&D) of IIT Bombay; Dr. Praveen Arora, Head of Water Technologies Cell, DST; and Professor Subhankar Karmarkar, Head of ESED, IIT Bombay, were also present.

The newly established center aims to foster collaboration among researchers and innovators both within India and abroad, focusing on the development of cutting-edge strategies and technologies for desalination, sustainable water treatment, and efficient water reuse. The primary objective is to ensure the availability of safe, reliable, and sustainable potable water sources for rural and urban India, catering to both industrial and domestic applications.

The center will play a pivotal role in incubating and commercializing the innovative technologies and products developed through research and collaboration. It seeks to solve existing and emerging desalination challenges using advanced membrane technologies.

In this mission, IIT Bombay will work closely with four other prestigious IITs – IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Tirupati, and IIT Hyderabad, along with different industries, NGOs, and stakeholders. Together, they will focus on developing cutting-edge solutions for desalination, effective brine management, and efficient water recycling technologies.

With this initiative, IIT Bombay takes a significant step towards addressing India’s water scarcity concerns, aiming to secure a sustainable and water-secure future for the nation. The concerted efforts of these leading institutions and stakeholders are poised to make a lasting impact on India’s water management landscape.

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