“India-Canada Relations: Explained in Short and Minimum Words “

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India-Canada Relations: Background
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India-Canada Relations: Background

Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1947. Bilateral relations were elevated to a strategic partnership during PM Modi’s visit to Canada in 2015.

Commercial Relations

Bilateral Trade Relations

India was Canada’s 10th largest trading partner. India’s total exports to Canada amounted to US$ 4.10 billion in 2022-23, an increase from US$ 3.76 billion in 2021-22. India’s imports from Canada amounted to US$ 4.05 billion in 2022-23, up from US$ 3.13 billion in 2021-22.

Export/Import Items

Major items of exports to Canada include gems, jewelry, and precious stones, pharmaceutical products, ready-made garments, etc. On the other hand, India imports pulses, newsprint, wood pulp, asbestos, potash, iron scrap, copper, minerals, and industrial chemicals from Canada.


Canadian Pension Funds have cumulatively invested around US$ 55 billion in India. Cumulative FDI from Canada since 2000 is about US$ 4.07 billion.

CEPA/EPTA Negotiations

In March 2022, the two countries agreed to re-launch the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) negotiations. Both countries also decided to have an interim agreement or Early Progress Trade Agreement (EPTA) that could bring commercial gains to both.

Negotiations on CEPA/EPTA resumed in April 2022; nine rounds of talks were held until July this year.

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