Indian Passport Ranking Improves to 80: Indians Can Now Travel Visa-Free to 57 Destinations, Check Full List

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Indian Passport Ranking
(Image Source: Google| Image By- ummid) Indian Passport Ranking Improves to 80  

Indian passport ranking improves to 80

Indian travelers have unlocked numerous opportunities for visa-free travel to a diverse range of countries around the world. This milestone in passport power has expanded the horizons for Indian globetrotters, encouraging more exploration and fostering stronger international relations.

A World of New Horizons

The improvement in India’s passport ranking has brought new opportunities for Indian citizens to explore the world. From the stunning landscapes of Southeast Asia to the vibrant cultures of Europe and the historic marvels of Africa, Indian travelers can now venture into many countries without prior visa requirements. This leap in passport power reflects the growing global significance of India and strengthens diplomatic ties between nations.

Visa-Free Destinations

Indonesia: Known for its breathtaking islands and diverse cultural heritage, Indonesia offers visa-free entry to Indian passport holders for stays of up to 30 days. Explore Bali’s lush landscapes, dive into the vibrant underwater world, and immerse yourself in Indonesia’s rich traditions.

Maldives: This island paradise in the Indian Ocean welcomes Indian travelers with open arms, allowing them to stay visa-free for up to 90 days. The Maldives offers a serene escape with its pristine beaches and luxury resorts.

Mauritius: An enchanting island nation in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius provides visa-free access to Indian citizens for stays of up to 60 days. Experience its unique blend of cultures, enjoy water sports, and indulge in the island’s natural beauty.

Nepal: India’s neighboring country, Nepal, allows visa-free entry for Indian nationals. Explore the majestic Himalayas, visit ancient temples, and immerse yourself in Nepal’s rich cultural heritage.

Bhutan: Known for its untouched landscapes and vibrant Buddhist culture, Bhutan provides visa-free access to Indian citizens. Experience the serenity of Bhutan’s monasteries and breathtaking mountainscapes.

Seychelles: This tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean welcomes Indian travelers without a visa for up to 90 days. Enjoy the pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and lush forests of Seychelles.

Jamaica: This Caribbean gem offers visa-free access to Indian passport holders for stays of up to 30 days. Explore Jamaica’s reggae culture, stunning beaches, and warm hospitality.

Fiji: Known for its idyllic islands and crystal-clear waters, Fiji allows visa-free entry to Indian citizens for up to 120 days. Enjoy a tropical paradise and indulge in water activities.

Cook Islands: These South Pacific islands provide visa-free access to Indian passport holders for up to 31 days. Discover the remote beauty of Cook Islands and its welcoming culture.

Trinidad and Tobago: Located in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago offer visa-free entry to Indian travelers for up to 90 days. Experience the vibrant carnival culture and beautiful beaches.

Micronesia: Comprising four states in the Pacific, Micronesia grants visa-free access to Indian citizens for up to 30 days. Explore this off-the-beaten-path destination and discover its unique cultural heritage.

Vanuatu: This South Pacific nation allows visa-free entry to Indian passport holders for up to 30 days. Experience the volcanic landscapes, coral reefs, and warm hospitality of Vanuatu.

Full List:

Country Visa-Free Duration
Barbados 6 months
Bhutan Indefinite
Bolivia 90 days
British Virgin Islands 30 days
Burundi 30 days
Cambodia 30 days
Cape Verde Islands 30 days
Comoro Islands 45 days
Djibouti * 31 days
Dominica 6 months
El Salvador 90 days
Fiji 4 months
Gabon 90 days
Grenada 3 months
Guinea-Bissau 90 days
Haiti 90 days
Indonesia * 30 days
Iran * 30 days
Jamaica 90 days
Jordan * 30 days
Kazakhstan 30 days
Laos 30 days
Macao (SAR China)
Maldives 90 days
Marshall Islands * 90 days
Mauritania * 90 days
Mauritius 90 days
Micronesia 30 days
Montserrat 180 days
Mozambique * 30 days
Myanmar * 30 days
Nepal 90 days
Niue 30 days
Oman 30 days
Palau Islands 30 days
Qatar 30 days
Rwanda * 30 days
Samoa * 60 days
Senegal 90 days
Seychelles * 3 months
Sierra Leone * 30 days
Somalia 30 days
Sri Lanka * 30 days
St. Kitts and Nevis 3 months
St. Lucia * 6 weeks
St. Vincent 1 month
Tanzania * 3 months
Thailand * 15 days
Timor-Leste * 30 days
Togo * 7 days
Trinidad and Tobago 90 days
Tunisia 90 days
Tuvalu 1 month
Vanuatu 30 days
Zimbabwe 3 months

The visa-free durations mentioned in the table are subject to change and may vary based on the specific entry requirements of each country.

Indian Passport Ranking Improves to 80, it has opened a world of possibilities for visa-free travel to numerous countries Indian citizens. From exploring exotic islands to delving into diverse cultures, Indian travelers can now embark on memorable journeys without the hassle of visa applications. This growing list of destinations reflects India’s increasing global influence and fosters stronger international relations. As more countries embrace visa-free entry for Indian passport holders, the horizons for Indian globetrotters continue to expand, promising exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences across the globe.

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