India’s Space Triumph: ISRO’s PSLV-C56 Launches 7 Foreign Satellites into Orbit

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 ISRO's PSLV-C56 Launches 7 Foreign Satellites into Orbit
(Image Source: Google| Image By- ISRO) ISRO’s PSLV-C56 Launches 7 Foreign Satellites into Orbit

In a remarkable achievement for India’s space exploration, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) accomplished a successful launch of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C56) on its 56th mission, carrying seven foreign satellites into space.

The launch took place from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota during the early hours of Sunday, marking another significant milestone for the Indian space agency within just two weeks of its previous successful launch. The main satellite of this mission was the DS-SAR satellite, equipped with a special radar that can create images of objects and landscapes from space.

The DS-SAR satellite was developed through a partnership between the Government of Singapore and ST Engineering. It will help various Singaporean government agencies and commercial customers by providing high-quality images of the Earth’s surface.

The launch was conducted by ISRO as part of a contract with New Space India Limited (NSIL). This Sunday morning launch was the 431st foreign satellite launch from India by ISRO and the fourth PSLV launch dedicated to serving the Singaporean government.

All seven satellites were successfully placed into their intended orbits, nearly 20 minutes after the launch from Sriharikota. The DS-SAR satellite, weighing 360 kg, was put into a Near-equatorial Orbit (NEO) at an altitude of 535 km. Its radar system, developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), can capture images even during bad weather and at night with high detail.

The DS-SAR satellite’s advanced capabilities will help the Singaporean government to better understand natural disasters, keep track of land use, monitor deforestation, and support security and defense operations. Commercial customers can also use the satellite for various purposes, such as exploring oil and gas reserves, monitoring agriculture, and assessing infrastructure.

Alongside the DS-SAR, six other satellites were also launched. These satellites serve different technological and experimental purposes, further highlighting ISRO’s expertise in satellite launches and its growing importance in the global space industry.

The successful launch of PSLV-C56 and DS-SAR reflects India’s increasing influence in the international space sector. ISRO’s collaborations with satellite operators from around the world not only generate revenue but also contribute significantly to the growth of India’s space economy.

With each successful mission, ISRO continues to push the boundaries of space exploration, reaffirming India’s position as a major player in the field of space science and technology.

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