Jamtara-like Cyber Criminal Reveals Amazon Name Fraud Technique in Real Life – Video Goes Viral

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Amazon Name Fraud Technique
(Image Source: Google| Image By- Amazon)

A cyber criminal recently confessed to using a sneaky trick to cheat people using Amazon’s name. This revelation shows how important it is for everyone, even young kids, to be careful online and not fall for scams.

The criminal would pretend to be connected to Amazon when people called about their parcels. He would say there was a problem with their address and ask for INR 5 to verify it. Then, he would ask for an OTP code to complete the process. But here’s the catch: if someone shared their OTP, the criminal would steal money from their bank account.

This confession has worried the police and Amazon. It’s a reminder to be cautious when dealing with unknown callers or online messages. Amazon advises people to double-check any communication they receive from the company and avoid sharing personal details on suspicious channels.

To protect yourself from scams like this, here are three simple steps to remember:

1) Be wary of unknown calls: If someone claims to be from Amazon or any other company you didn’t contact, be cautious. Don’t share sensitive information, like your bank account details or OTPs, over the phone without checking if the call is genuine.

2) Verify before trusting: Make sure any communication you receive from Amazon is real. Visit the official Amazon website or contact their customer support using verified methods to confirm the information. This way, you can avoid interacting with fraudsters and accidentally giving away your personal details.

3) Secure your online transactions: Stay safe while shopping online by regularly updating your passwords, using two-factor authentication when available, and installing trusted antivirus software on your devices. These simple steps can help prevent cyber fraud.

It’s essential for everyone, including kids, to be aware of scams like this and take precautions while using the internet. By being alert and following these simple tips, we can all stay safe from cybercriminals.

Remember, never share personal information with strangers over the phone or online. Stay smart and keep your money and personal details safe. Together, we can beat the bad guys and make the internet a safer place for everyone.

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