Iran’s Narges Mohammadi Receives Nobel Peace Prize: Currently She is in Jail

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In a big moment for the world’s human rights fighters, Narges Mohammadi, a brave Iranian champion of women’s rights and human rights, has won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2023. This award recognizes her strong efforts to make things better for people, especially women, even when she faced tough times.

Standing Up for What’s Right, Even in Jail

Right now, Narges Mohammadi is in jail in Iran. She’s 51 years old and has spent a long time behind bars because she never gave up fighting for what she believes in. She’s known for trying to make sure women are treated fairly and for wanting to stop the death penalty in Iran. Even though it’s really hard, she keeps fighting for fairness and justice in a place where people who talk about these things often get into trouble.

Working with a Nobel Prize Winner

Narges Mohammadi is part of a group called the Defenders of Human Rights Center. It’s not run by the government, and it’s all about making sure people’s rights are protected. This group was started by someone who won the Nobel Peace Prize, Shirin Ebadi. Narges Mohammadi is now the second woman leader from this group to get this big award after a gap of many years.

A Strong Voice for Women

Narges Mohammadi never gave up speaking out for women’s rights and against unfair treatment by the government in Iran. She’s been in jail several times because she speaks up for what’s right. Her work shows everyone that women deserve the same rights as men and that we should all be treated fairly.

19th Woman to Win the Nobel Peace Prize

Narges Mohammadi is now part of a small group of amazing women who have won the Nobel Peace Prize. She’s the 19th woman to get this special award in the last 122 years. This award comes after Maria Ressa from the Philippines and Dmitry Muratov from Russia won it together in 2021. It shows that women are important leaders in making the world peaceful and fair.


About the Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize was started in 1895 because a Swedish businessman named Alfred Nobel wanted to encourage people to work for peace. They give the award on December 10th, the day Alfred Nobel passed away, in Oslo, Norway. Besides getting a special certificate, the Nobel Peace Prize also comes with a lot of money, about 11 million Swedish crowns, which is like 1 million US dollars.

Narges Mohammadi’s Nobel Peace Prize is a big deal. It shows how important it is to keep fighting for what’s right, especially when it comes to fairness and justice for all people, no matter who they are. Her story will surely inspire others to stand up for what they believe in.

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