Nari Adalat: the Women-Only Courts To Lead Women Empowerment

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The central government is about to launch women-only courts under its new initiative in villages for women empowerment and to fight against the patriarchal system of society. The women-only courts, also known as Nari Adalats, will manage and redress grievances like domestic violence, property rights, etc.

Imlementation Plan of Nari Adalat:

The women-only court initiative will be under the Ministry of Women and Child Development and will fall under the Sambhal sub-scheme of Mission Shakti. the implementation of women-only courts will be in collaboration with the expertise of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj and the Ministry of Rural Development. This visionary initiative aims to empower women by enlightening them about their fundamental rights and entitlements. The women-only court initiative will be implemented in phases. Initially, it will be launched in 50 villages of Assam and J&K. With progress, it will be scaled to other states in India.


Structure of Nari Adalat:

The structure of a women-only court will be as follows: each Nari Adalat (women-only court) will have 7-9 members, half of whom will be elected by the members of the gram panchayat. The other half will consist of women from a good social background, such as teachers, doctors, and social workers, who will be nominated by villagers.

Procedure for Selection of members:

The head of the Nari Adalat, called Mukhiya Nyay Sakhi, will be chosen from among the Nyay Sakhis for a period of 6 months. The Nari Adalat does not hold any legal status and its primary responsibility is to redress common grievances and create awareness about the rights and entitlements of women.

The government’s Nari Adalat scheme will not only address individual cases but also collect valuable feedback to enhance the effectiveness of government schemes.

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