NASA’s Heroic Mission: Saving Earth from the Brink

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DART Mission: Humanity’s Collision Course with an Asteroid

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One might have seen or heard About the name of the 1998 sci-fi movie Armageddon.In that movie, NASA sends a mission to an Asteroid (sometimes called a minor planet) with some scientists and oil drillers to destroy the Asteroid because it will hit Earth in some 18 days and humanity will die. What does this movie mean to us?

Did Nasa Made this reel real?
Well, let me take you to the past.
66 million years ago, a 9-mile asteroid hit Earth named the Chicxulub asteroid. It led to the mass extinction of 75% of the species present on Earth, also wiping out the Mighty Dinosaurs from existence, The interesting thing about humans is that we learn a lot from the past. Well, we can claim that we have seen the extinction of one mighty species after the collision of an Asteroid with the earth, and we might want to secure our planet or our species from the same 

Nasa has been sending a lot of satellite and outer planetary missions into space.
Every year, they come up with some astonishing research.
On June 19, 2004, at the Kitt Peak National Observatory, they presented evidence that a mighty asteroid named 99942 Apophis will hit the earth by 2029.
After publication of it in news, everyone was out of their chairs wondering what would happen when it hit the earth because the damage it would cause after the collision would be equal to the damage of thousands of nuclear bombs.

Is 2029 is the Deadend of Earth?
The question is terrifying, Some often claims NASA as the SAVIOUR OF PLANET EARTH and they can’t be proven wrong.
Well, Nasa soon realized that it should come with plans to avoid the destruction.
And they launched a mission named DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test Spacecraft), which was the first mission whose motive was to build a strong defence system to save Earth from near-planetary objects(Asteroid).
The mission will investigate the objects and try to change their course or slope by imposing a kinetic impact on NEOs (near-earth Near Earth object).After it changes its course due to the earth getting impacted by the satellites,

Was this mission inspired by Armageddon?
Well, Nasa said that the mission wasn’t exactly inspired by that movie, but the movie did spread awareness about how we can abstain from such mass extinction.
DART Mission was launched on November 24, 2021.
It was sent to an Asteroid orbit named DIDYMOS, which is 1,09,43,539 km away from our planet. On September 26, 2022, it did hit an Asteroid in DIDYMOS orbit named Dimitrophos, which was 160 meters long, at 22,530 km/h speed
Nasa later claimed that the mission was totally successful.

Nasa now has the technology to save our planet from outer space and near-earth objects.
The DART mission brings us hope as well as opportunities.
Many space competitors see it as a golden chance.
The DART mission gives us hope about space mining, where we get to other celestial objects, mine them, and get back to earth with precious metals and rare earth objects.
Space mining is the future.
The DART Mission opens many doors to the many space agencies like SPACEX,JAXA,ROSCOSMOS,CSA, etc. They are all now in a hurry to explore space’s rare asteroids. We can also claim that we are safe from those 2000 asteroids that are near Earth and can hit it in the future.

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