Pravesh Shukla Twitter Video Exposes Injustice Faced by Tribals in Kubri Village, Madhya Pradesh

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Pravesh Shukla News: Arrested For urinating on Tribal Laborer

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Pravesh Shukla BJP worker’s alarming video has ignited a storm on social media platforms over the past two days, capturing a shocking incident of a privileged youth engaging in degrading acts towards a tribal laborer. Outraged netizens have voiced their anger as the video continues to spread like wildfire across social media channels. This distressing incident unfolded in the serene village of Kubri, situated in Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi district.

The perpetrator behind this disgraceful act is identified as Pravesh Shukla, a resident of Kubri village. The accused, Pravesh Shukla, mercilessly tormented the tribal laborer, subjecting him to physical abuse that left his body, face, and head disfigured. The circulation of the video triggered immediate action, with Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, issuing directives for swift and stringent measures against the culprit.

Pravesh Shukla Twitter Viral Video

This inhuman video is of Pravesh Shukla, representative of MP BJP MLA Kedar Shukla.

After watching this video, it is not possible to express the anger in words.@ChouhanShivraj ji, get the bulldozer be used on this BJP person.@DGP_MP#ArrestPraveshShukla

— YogeshMeena (@Yogeshkherli) July 4, 2023

The viral Pravesh shukla video, which has caused an uproar, exposes the callous behavior of a well-to-do individual towards a financially disadvantaged laborer. The accused, Pravesh Shukla, subjected the victim to humiliating gestures, desecrating his body, face, and head. This distressing footage has garnered significant attention on social media, shedding light on the appalling incident. The victim, belonging to the tribal community, hails from the neighboring village of Karaundi.

                                (Image Source- Google| Image By-Walk through india)

Broadly, the challenges faced by tribes can be examined through the following lenses:

Erosion of control over natural resources:

 Prior to the advent of British rule, tribes enjoyed absolute ownership and management rights over their natural resources, encompassing land, forests, wildlife, water, soil, fish, and more. However, as colonial influence expanded, tribal territories gradually fell under its sway. The dawn of industrialization in India and the discovery of valuable minerals exposed tribal areas to the outside world, triggering a shift from tribal control to state control. This marked the onset of an enduring era of tribal poverty. Post-independence, the demand for land and forests as instruments of development escalated, leading to the eradication of tribal proprietary rights. Consequently, tribes became ensnared in perpetual indebtedness to exploitative factions, including landlords, moneylenders, contractors, and officials. The establishment of protected forests and national parks further alienated tribes from their cultural heritage, depriving them of secure livelihoods.

Educational dearth:

 The 2001 census reveals that over 70 percent of the tribal population remains illiterate. Several factors hinder educational expansion in tribal regions, including tribal superstitions and prejudices, extreme poverty, limited availability of teachers, and a dearth of essential facilities. Achieving true partnership between tribes and the development process necessitates the widespread dissemination of education.

Displacement and Rehabilitation:

 Since independence, the focal point of development has centered around heavy industries and core sectors. Consequently, colossal steel plants, power projects, and large dams emerged, predominantly in areas inhabited by tribes. Mining activities also surged in these regions. The government acquired substantial tracts of tribal land for these projects, exacerbating the displacement of tribal communities. Notable instances of this issue can be observed in regions such as Chhota Nagpur, Odisha, specific tribal concentrations in Bengal, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh.

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