“Tragic Road Accident Claims Life of 14-Year-Old Boy in Bihar – A Grim Reflection of Rising Road Mishaps Across India”

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Rising Road Mishaps Across India
(Image Source: Times of India)

“A couple of days ago, a 14-year-old boy named Amit was hit by a car on his way back home in a small village, Singhara, Bihar. It was a tragic incident as Amit’s cycle got stuck in the car, and the driver showed inhumane behavior by dragging him for 1 km. Amit, a hardworking 9th-grade student, had aspirations despite coming from a financially challenged background. Unfortunately, his dreams and potential were lost that day on the road.

This accident is not an isolated case; road accidents have been increasing in Bihar and across India due to several reasons. The data reveals a 20% rise in road accident deaths in Bihar, with approximately 10,000 accidents occurring annually in the state. Shockingly, nearly 80% of these accidents result in fatalities. Many accidents go unreported for various reasons. On national highways, Bihar contributes to about 7% of the overall accidents in India, and the death rate is distressing, with 80 out of 100 accident victims losing their lives.

The major causes of these accidents include careless driving and overtaking (more than 50%), overspeeding and wrong-side driving (35%), and using mobile phones while driving (5%). Sheohar district in Bihar has witnessed the highest number of deaths due to accidents, and in Patna, nearly 500 people have died for the same reason.

The overall data for India in 2021 records 4,12,432 accidents, with nearly half of the injured succumbing to their injuries, marking a 35% increase from the previous year. Tamil Nadu has seen the highest number of accidents on national highways, while Uttar Pradesh has reported the most fatalities due to road accidents.

To reduce these accidents, several measures can be taken. Improving infrastructure and road conditions, enforcing traffic laws more strictly with increased penalties, conducting general awareness programs to educate people about road safety, and designing vehicles with better safety features are some of the potential solutions.

By addressing the underlying causes and promoting responsible behavior on the roads, we can work towards reducing road accidents and ensuring the safety of all citizens.”

Need Of the hour to address it is as:

Enhancement of Law Enforcement:

Implementing stricter penalties and enforcing traffic laws rigorously play a crucial role in curbing accidents. As heavy penalties are imposed, people become more conscious of their actions while driving, avoiding risky behaviors to evade severe consequences.

General Awareness Initiatives:

Extensive awareness programs, not limited to urban areas but extending to rural regions, can educate people about safe driving practices and accident prevention. Mandatory road safety education for all citizens ensures a better understanding of road rules and responsible behavior.

Advancement in Vehicle Safety:

Engineers can contribute significantly by designing improved vehicle models equipped with enhanced safety features. These safety tools can prove invaluable during accidents, minimizing the impact on passengers and reducing the severity of injuries.

Comprehensive Measures for Accident Reduction:

These measures form a collective effort to reduce accidents significantly. Stringent traffic rules and laws must be imposed to deter rule-breakers. Additionally, adopting safe habits in our daily lives can contribute substantially to avoiding potential road accidents. A combination of these initiatives holds the promise of fostering a safer road environment for everyone.

“Article Credit: Skywalker”

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