Sunny did not have work after Gadar: Said That Bollywood Went Into Hands Of………..

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Sunny did not have work after Gadar
( Image Source: Indian Express)

Sunny Deol, who rose to fame with his blockbuster film Gadar in 2001, faced a decline in his career after that. In a recent interview with BBC UK, Sunny revealed that the film industry underwent a transformation after Gadar’s success. The rise of corporate houses led to a decrease in projects, resulting in fewer opportunities for him. However, after 22 years, Gadar 2 has now created history by becoming the third-highest-grossing film in Hindi cinema.

Sunny stated that he did not get a chance to work with big production houses after Gadar. He preferred to work with new and upcoming filmmakers. Although his films did not work out, Sunny did not let it affect him and continued to move forward, leaving bad memories behind.

Sunny further added that he is a person who does not dwell on bad times and looks forward to making new memories. While Gadar’s legacy played a role in the success of Gadar 2, Sunny believes that it was solely because of the film’s lasting impact on audiences.

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In conclusion, Sunny’s work ethic and dedication to his craft haven’t wavered despite the challenges he faced. We can credit Gadar’s legacy for the success of Gadar 2, but it is vital to acknowledge Sunny’s contribution to the original film and his resilience in the face of adversity.

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