“Udhayanidhi Stalin, Son of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Advocates Eradication of Sanatana Dharma, Citing It as Contrary to Social Justice”

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Udhayanidhi Stalin
(Image Source: ANI)

Udhayanidhi Stalin, the Tamil Nadu minister and son of Chief Minister MK Stalin, sparked controversy with his recent remarks during a writers’ conference in Chennai. He stated that Sanatana Dharma is against the principles of social justice and must be “eradicated,” drawing strong criticism, especially from BJP leaders.

In his statement, Udhayanidhi Stalin likened Sanatana Dharma to diseases like dengue and malaria, emphasizing the need for its eradication rather than opposition. This statement quickly triggered a significant backlash on social media, with many individuals calling for legal action against the Tamil Nadu minister.

BJP’s Amit Malviya expressed his concerns, drawing attention to the contrast between Rahul Gandhi’s rhetoric and Udhayanidhi Stalin’s comments. He criticized Congress’s apparent silence on the matter and suggested that such statements could threaten the longstanding civilization of Bharat.

Udhayanidhi Stalin defended his stance, clarifying that he did not call for the genocide of those following Sanatana Dharma. He argued that Sanatana Dharma perpetuates divisions based on caste and religion, asserting that uprooting it is an endorsement of human equality and justice. He offered to present the extensive writings of Periyar and Ambedkar, who conducted research on Sanatana Dharma’s negative societal impact.

K Annamalai, the state president of the BJP, accused Udhayanidhi Stalin and Chief Minister MK Stalin of echoing the ideas of Christian missionaries, suggesting that their focus is accumulating wealth rather than respecting Tamil Nadu’s spiritual heritage.

Here’s Udhayanidhi Stalin’s tweet after it:

Congress leader Nana Patole distanced the party from his remarks, emphasizing that Congress respects all religions and aims to avoid comments that could hurt anyone’s sentiments.

It’s essential to note that these statements have generated significant debate and controversy, reflecting the diverse perspectives and sensitivities surrounding religious and social issues in India.

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