Unanswered Question: Who is Responsible for Waterlogging in Delhi, the Capital of India?

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Delhi floods
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As Delhi Floods Reach Peak, Twitter Storms With Videos Of Waterlogging in City and Questions About Who is Responsible For it:

One Of the user sharing the video of flood quoted “FREE KI YOJANA”.

As heavy monsoon rains continue to batter Delhi, the national capital of India, the city grapples with severe waterlogging issues. Every year, the onset of monsoons brings chaos, disrupting daily life and exposing the city’s vulnerability to flooding. With recurring incidents of waterlogged streets and inundated neighborhoods, the question arises: Who bears the responsibility for this recurring problem?

Responsibility of Municipal Authorities : The primary responsibility for managing and mitigating waterlogging lies with the municipal authorities, particularly the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The MCD is tasked with maintaining drainage systems, ensuring effective waste management, and implementing measures to prevent waterlogging. However, the recurring nature of the problem indicates a lack of adequate infrastructure and planning, leaving residents to suffer the consequences.

Role of Urban Development Authorities : Urban development authorities, such as the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), also share responsibility for waterlogging issues. Proper urban planning and development should consider drainage systems, stormwater management, and the preservation of natural water bodies. The failure to implement comprehensive urban development strategies that address these concerns contributes to the worsening waterlogging problem.

The recurring waterlogging problem in Delhi demands urgent attention and a comprehensive approach from both the municipal authorities and urban development agencies. Addressing the issue requires robust infrastructure development, efficient drainage systems, proper waste management, and long-term urban planning. Only through collective efforts and accountable governance can Delhi hope to overcome its waterlogging woes and provide its residents with a safer and more resilient city.

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