“Why World Leader PM Modi Became Emotional: Video Went Viral, Scientist Explained Shiv Shakti”

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Why World Leader PM Modi Became Emotional
(Image Source: Pm Modi Gallery) Why World Leader PM Modi Became Emotional

Why World Leader PM Modi Became Emotional ?

Bengaluru, August 27, 2023 – Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a significant visit to the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) headquarters in Bengaluru, where he met with the scientists involved in the Chandrayaan-3 mission. During this remarkable interaction, the Prime Minister delivered an emotional address, expressing his profound joy and admiration for the scientific achievements of ISRO.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi revealed his emotional side, stating that being among the ISRO scientists brought him immense happiness. He remarked that his heart and mind were filled with joy on this occasion, and he had been eagerly looking forward to meeting the dedicated scientists. He conveyed his heartfelt salute to all the scientists present.

A notable announcement during this visit was Prime Minister Modi’s declaration that the lunar lander’s landing site of Chandrayaan-3 will be named ‘Shivshakti Point.’ Additionally, he stated that the spot on the Moon where Chandrayaan-2 left its mark will now bear the name ‘Tiranga’ (Tricolor). Furthermore, August 23, the day Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the Moon, will henceforth be celebrated as ‘National Space Day’ in India.

The ISRO command center provided Prime Minister Modi with an in-depth presentation, showcasing a full model of Chandrayaan-3. He was briefed on the mission’s achievements and progress, which further heightened the emotions of the moment.

Addressing the scientists at ISRO, Prime Minister Modi expressed deep emotions and said, “India is now on the Moon, and I wanted to salute you for your patience and capability. Sometimes, it feels like I have been unjust to you.”

In his address to the Chandrayaan-3 team at ISRO headquarters, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the significance of the achievements. He pointed out that today, every Indian child sees their future in scientists like those at ISRO. He highlighted how ISRO’s work has not only touched the Moon but has awakened an entire generation of Indians. He referred to the newly named ‘Tiranga’ Point on the Moon as a symbol of resilience and determination, illustrating that no failure is final and success is inevitable with unwavering determination.

Prime Minister Modi praised ISRO for its contributions, underscoring how ISRO has played a pivotal role in transforming India from a third-world country into the world’s fifth-largest economy. He commended ISRO for inspiring the youth of India and instilling a sense of pride and determination in them.

The visit to ISRO headquarters and Prime Minister Modi’s emotional address served as a reminder of the remarkable strides that India has made in the field of space exploration and technology under ISRO’s leadership. It was a moment of national pride and inspiration, emphasizing that India’s future is indeed bright on both the Earth and the Moon.

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