“Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin Skip India’s G20 Summit; PM Modi gives a strong Statement on China & Pakistan

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Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin Skip India's G20 Summit
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Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin Skip India’s G20 Summit:

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be notably absent from India’s upcoming G20 summit. Instead, the Chinese Premier, Li qiang, will represent China at the international gathering. The absence of these two influential leaders has stirred speculation and raised questions about the underlying reasons behind their decision to forego the summit.

Xi Jinping’s absence from India’s G20 summit is particularly noteworthy given his recent attendance at the G20 summit hosted by South Africa. This abrupt change in plans has led to conjecture regarding potential motives for his nonattendance.

One contributing factor to Vladimir Putin’s absence from both the South African is a lingering arrest warrant issue. The diplomatic implications of this matter have prevented the Russian President from participating in these global events.

Turning the spotlight back on Xi Jinping, there are reports suggesting that his decision to skip the summit may be rooted in health concerns. Multiple media outlets have cited that Xi Jinping is suffering from cerebral aneurysm, although official confirmation of these health-related claims is yet to be provided.

Economic factors have also entered the discussion, with Western media outlets speculating on China’s potential economic slowdown. Reports indicate that China’s economic growth rate could dip below 4%, a development that might be influencing China’s priorities and focus at this juncture.

While Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin will be notably absent, President Joe Biden will spend three days in India for the summit. In response to concerns raised by Pakistan and China regarding the G20 meeting being held in Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir, Prime Minister Modi emphasized that “it is natural for such meetings to be conducted in various parts of the country,” signaling the government’s commitment to hosting the summit regardless of the geopolitical sensitivities surrounding the chosen locations.

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