Shocking India Supports Pakistan in United Nations: USA Opposes Pakistan

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India Supports Pakistan
(Image Source: Google| Image By- DNA India)

India Supports Pakistan in UN as:

On Wednesday, Pakistan and Palestine brought a resolution to the United Nations’ topmost Human Rights Council with the objective of urging countries to take strict actions against religious hatred and prevent similar incidents that occurred in Sweden.

What happened in Sweden?

Last month, an Iraqi-born protester named Salwan Momika tore pages of the Holy Quran and wiped his shoes with some of them before burning the remaining pages outside a mosque in Stockholm during the Eid-al-Adha holiday. It was reported that Momika had requested permission from Swedish authorities to carry out his action, but they refused. However, a judge later granted him the right to continue based on Sweden’s principles of free speech on June 23. This incident understandably sparked protests among Muslim nations, leading to the proposal of a resolution at the UN.

Resolution supported by China and India:

The resolution received 28 votes in favor, 12 against, and 7 abstentions, making headlines when India voted in favor of it. Alongside India, other countries such as China, several African nations, and Middle Eastern countries also supported the resolution. On the other hand, countries like the US, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Germany, Belgium, and Costa Rica opposed it.

The question arises as to why India supported Pakistan on this resolution:

India, aware of the outrage and sentiments among Muslim nations due to the incident, did not want to be at odds with them. It was evident that if India voted against the resolution, Pakistan would exploit it later on global platforms. Considering Pakistan’s attempts to raise the issue of Kashmir at various levels, it was expected that Pakistan would later portray India as an enemy of Islam.

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