India’s Remarkable Rise: From Emerging Nation to Global Powerhouse

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India’s Sparkling Triumph: Emerging as a Global Leader at G-20 Summit


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G20 Summit 85 percent of world GDP, 75 percent of world trade and 60 percent of the world’s population live in G-20 countries. India is going to take over the chairmanship of G-20 at a time when there is tension all over the world.

Recently, in his “Mann Ki Baat Programme”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that ‘India has solutions to the challenges of world welfare, peace and environment’. Getting the chairmanship of G-20 countries is a big opportunity for India. The theme we have given of One Earth, One Family and One Future reflects our commitment to Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Without any doubt, G-20 can be accepted as a world leader group.

This acceptance of India among countries like America, European Union, Russia, China, South Korea, Britain, France, Japan, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, Argentina, Turkey is changing the world order. clearly showing. 85 percent of world GDP, 75 percent of world trade and 60 percent of world population live in G-20 countries only. Now India is going to preside over such a powerful and large group from December 1. Using this opportunity, India should focus on world welfare.

G-20 countries meeting
Major countries of the world are now accepting India’s prominent and influential role in world forums. This was also clearly visible in the meeting of G-20 countries held in Bali, Indonesia. The world was surprised when Prime Minister Modi said in a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member countries conference held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, that this is not the era of war, because India is a big source of arms and oil. Dependent on Russia to a great extent for supplies. Even though the fuel purchased from Russia is still a very small part of India’s total requirements, but it is true that at this time, if India has been able to stop the rapid rise in the prices of petrol and diesel in the country, then it will be a big success. The reason is getting cheaper from Russia

What is G-20?
The G-20 was formed in the year 1999. This is also called Group of Twenty. It is an informal grouping of the European Union and 19 countries.

logo of G-20
The G-20 logo is inspired by the vibrant colors of the national flag of India – saffron, white, green and blue.

Which country has the next presidency?
– Its chairmanship is supported by the Troika. Past, Present and Coming Presidencies (Troika). During India’s presidency, the troika will include Indonesia (former chair), India (current chair) and Brazil (in the year 2024).

“Article Credit: Vikas Yadav”
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