The Diplomatic Exchange: Narendra Modi’s Gift to Joe Biden Unveiled

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Cracking the Political Shell: Modi’s Surprise Gift to Biden Stirs Controversy
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The box that PM Modi has given to US President Joe Biden has a coconut made of silver, which is used in place of cow donation. A box made of sandalwood is used as Bhoodan. This box contains 24 karat purity gold coin for deer donation

Prime Minister Modi gave many gifts, during the meeting with US President Joe Biden and ‘First Lady’ Jill Biden. It also had that special handmade wooden box for ten types of donations according to Indian culture, which was made by the artists of Jaipur, from sandalwood brought from Karnataka. This sandalwood box means Ganesh, the destroyer of obstacles, inside the box. It was also a small silver idol, which was prepared by the craftsmen of Kolkata. Diya was also made from Kolkata and copper sheet from Uttar Pradesh. Under the ten types of donation, in small silver boxes, coconut made of silver in Kolkata itself, scented sandalwood from Mysore, sesame from Tamil Nadu, 24-carat gold coin made in Rajasthan, ghee from Punjab, tussar made in Jharkhand Silk cloth, rice from Uttarakhand, jaggery from Maharashtra, 99.5 percent pure silver coin made in Rajasthan and salt from Gujarat.

The Name of the book that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave to Joe Biden is The Ten Principal Upanishads{1937}.

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Article Credit – Vikas Yadav

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